About Paul

Side One: Bassist

Paul has been a musician almost as long as he can remember. As a toddler he would sing songs from memory after hearing them on the car radio once. His parents began presenting him with odd instruments from time to time as a young boy, and he would play tunes by ear to amuse family and house guests. When he discovered LPs and recorded music, he was ecstatic.

Three albums Paul owned over his childhood would change his life. The “Star Wars” soundtrack in 1977 convinced him he had to play music. An Atlantic soul collection LP in 1978 gave him a life long love of soul and R&B music. And upon hearing the possibilities of pop bombastically blown away by Queen’s “A Night at the Opera,” he taught himself guitar over several years.

In college, with almost no bass players circulating freely, Paul decided the best road to gigs was the one less traveled, and bought his first Fender Squier Precision and a cheap Peavey amp, and never looked back. For over 25 years, Paul has sought out unique opportunities to play with talented musicians, singers, and songwriters. And over the last decade, they have begun to seek him out for a tasteful, song-oriented groove and the ability to bring the right professional tone and attitude to every gig.

Side Two: Geek

Paul also is deeply involved in the open source community. Among other pursuits, he is the principal author of PulseCaster, a free software audio tool for novice podcasters, and a frequent contributor to Fedora. You can find out more about his current projects at his blog.

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