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In slumber, the sound of distant crowing.

There are a lot of heartbreaks you set yourself up for as a parent. Perhaps you have a while before you need to deal with some of them — the...
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More than a footnote.

My wife alerted me last night to a terrible loss to the literary world — writer

Sometimes you can go back.

I was surprised and overjoyed to find out that one of my favorite novelists, Nelson DeMille, is returning to catch his readers up on the cast of one...
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Next up, Jurisprudence for Dummies.

News flash: CSI to be entirely cast with morons. Because what could be better than trusting bedrock criminal investigative principles like the chain...
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Jeffty is five.

Cinematical reviews a portrait of one of the only writers to come out of the science fiction genre who will matter in a hundred years — Harlan...
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