The Grand Fallacy

Linux, musical road-dogging, and daily life by Paul W. Frields
The Grand Fallacy


For almost 30 years, I’ve had opportunities to collaborate with many talented musicians, singers, and songwriters — as a bassist, songwriter, and producer. I love working with others and bringing out their best.


I’m active in a number of musical projects, and some have regular live shows. Here’s a list of my upcoming gigs. Find out where and when you can catch me playing live. Support local music!

Geek Wrangler

Like a lot of working semi-pro musicians, I have a day hustle. Mine’s pretty great — building, enabling, and serving incredible teams of software engineers as a director of global software engineering at Red Hat.

Social media game weak.

Lately I've become dissatisfied with the way my social media is organized. Back in the day I made a point of separating my music making persona -- at least the...
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Adventures with in-ear monitors.

With our recent move to a Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixer, we also expanded our ability for monitor mixes. Previously we had four mixes available. Now we have eight available monitor...
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New album finished.

Back in March of 2022, I started to mull over making an album of music.
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