For over 25 years, I’ve sought unique opportunities to play with talented musicians, singers, and songwriters. My priorities are a tasteful, song-oriented groove and a professional tone and attitude for every gig.


I’m active in a number of musical projects, and some have regular live shows. Here’s a list of my upcoming gigs. Find out where and when you can catch me playing live. Support local music! Click on any entry below for more information and a map.

Geek Wrangler

Like a lot of working semi-pro musicians, I have a day hustle. Mine’s pretty great — managing and building great teams, particularly DevOps and software development.

PulseCaster 0.9 released!
It says… It says, uh… “Virgil Brigman back on the air”.The Abyss, 1989 (J. Cameron) OK, I feel slightly guilty using a cheesy quote from James Cameron for this post. But not as guilty as I feel for leaving development of this tool to hang out so long. That’s right, …
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Flock 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.
Last week I attended the Flock 2019 conference in Budapest, like many Fedora community members. There was a good mix of paid and volunteer community members at the event. That...
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The Blue Collar Bass Player.
This post is mainly aimed at my bass playing friends but also other types of musicians might enjoy it. I just got through reading the latest revision of Ted Gould's book...
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