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I started working with open source by running Linux in 1997. I was intrigued by the idea of an operating system made entirely from code created by online, collaborative communities. I started with Slackware but soon jumped over to what was then Red Hat Linux. After several years of using Linux at both home and professionally, I jumped into the Fedora Project as a contributor to user documentation and tools, starting in 2003.

Eventually I was leading the docs team as a volunteer contributor. In late 2007 I received a call from then Fedora Project Leader Max Spevack, who was looking to bring on a successor full-time at Red Hat, the project’s main sponsor. Not wanting to later regret a golden opportunity, I left one successful career and started what became another. As FPL I helped lead a community of hundreds of active contributors building, integrating, evangelizing, and educating about Fedora and open source technologies.

I served as FPL for two and a half fun and challenging years. After this, I transitioned to a job working as an engineering manager,  coordinating development for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 product over the course of four years. Since late 2013 I’ve been managing the Fedora Engineering team for Red Hat, where I’m deeply involved in the open source community.

I’m also the principal author of PulseCaster, a free software audio tool for novice podcasters, and a frequent contributor to Fedora Magazine. I write quite a bit about my current tech projects and musings at my blog on this site.

constantly complaining of want of opportunities

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