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I think I have a little problem with my 6th string (lowest bass). It seems muted and kind of “out of phase.” I think perhaps I must not have reversed my changes all the way when I was trying to do a better setup the other day. The further I got into lower bass strings the less any changes seemed to help.


p>Eleya went to dance practice tonight so I had the baby. Not much practice time yet. I’ll see if I can cut in an hour or so in just a little while. First I need to work on a nice title graphic for this page. Red Hat Linux and GIMP to the rescue!

Yesterday I spent a little time doing some setup on my Stick that my teacher Greg Howard had recommended, so I didn’t get to practice as long as I wanted. Unfortunately I broke my 9th string! Without any backups around (my last set went to restring this Stick to bari melody), I visited my hometown’s best music store, Bang! Music, and found a set that had a .022 wound in it. Unfortunately it’s nickel-wound, but I can get by for now with that. It was really hard doing the restringing — I only had about 2 inches of extra wire to work with above the string post. Fortunately I didn’t injure myself (or anyone else).


p>I’ll go back to regular practice today until I have more strings for backup! 🙂 Believe it or not, I did actually manage to effectively lower the action on the bass side quite a bit. I’ll play it today and see how my fingers like it.


p>Greg tells me I should get used to practicing loud so that I get less afraid of using power on the strings, but tell that to my coworkers. I guess I can practice loud at home as long as I do it before the baby goes to sleep. Eventually when Eleya and I finish the basement, all my computer and music stuff will move down there, which will make it a lot easier to practice loud whenever I want.