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Our elections coordinator Nigel Jones has set up the balloting for the Fedora Board, FESCo, and FAMSCo. On every ballot are fantastic individuals who are willing to give extra time and energy to Fedora to try to improve the project for their fellow contributors. Good luck to everyone on the ballots, and thanks for your willingness to help!

Voting is open until 2359 UTC 2008-12-20. Go cast your votes today!

Revenge of balloon-head.

FUDCon news.

Another sign that one shouldn’t spend a lot of time emailing large groups of people while on decongestants:


Long and short is, though, that FUDCon F11 is in full swing, and coming up January 9-11 in Boston. All the important details are on the wiki, and you don’t even need an account to pre-register on that page.

Board news.

Tempting fate, though, I pressed on today to announce that Christopher Aillon is returning to the Fedora Board. Two seats remain for community election, and a final seat for appointment. I’m looking forward to the elections, because every single one of the nominees standing for election is a solid contender with a wealth of experience, but there is a diversity of backgrounds, which I hope the community considers when they cast votes.


And with that, I’m going offline for a bit. I’ve felt like the proverbial dog dookie for a couple days now — some sort of sinus thing that I just want to sleep off in the comfiest and most isolated manner possible. And since I’m meeting Greg in Richmond tomorrow afternoon I need to have a spring in my step. Because keeping up with him is perilous, perilous work.