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Eight days a week.

Eight days a week.

I did a huge amount of work this weekend for the Docs Project:

  • Outlined the next-gen Documentation Guide;
  • Outlined part of a new hands-on example tutorial section;
  • Read oodles of archived messages and bugs in Bugzilla to gather dangling inputs for the Guide and our other process docs; and
  • Even got a couple changes into CVS.
  • I also had time to take Evie for a walk to the grocery store, which is always enjoyable, and since we did that Sunday morning, there were many of the little kiddie carts available. Evie loves “driving” around while I give directions. (“No, honey, your other left.”)

    Eleya and I watched Spanglish on Saturday night, which was just perfect—another James L. Brooks slice-of-life masterpiece with a killer script and great acting from everyone. Equally hilarious and heart-breaking, I would have to mark this most highly recommended.