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Underhanded dealings in smoky back rooms.

Underhanded dealings in smoky back rooms.

Among the other thoughtful gifts I received, Eleya bought me a small amount of stock in Red Hat. Although the stock price has dropped somewhat from last year, most of the analysts rate it at hold or buy, and the outlook over the last six months has been pretty positive.

Although we didn’t buy enough of it that I’d be retiring early even if it was to take off, I’m just happy to own a piece, however small, of the company in whose products I put so much faith. The best part is, now I can smoke the fine Carlos Toraño cigars that some friends gave me and dream of my future as a jet-setting financier.

Next up, getting the mayor in my pocket and the unions in line with my plan to develop the Fredericksburg waterfront into a series of greasy spoons, smoky bars, no-tell motels, and pawn shops. Whoops, I see I’m a couple stock picks too late. Well, maybe I’ll just exploit the working class by sticking them in my new high-rent, high-density housing project. I think I’ll call it Potter’s Field. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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