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Girlie-men need not apply.

Girlie-men need not apply.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, having fixed our powder room toilet, which over the past few months haw gradually suffered a decline in its ability to refill after flushing. I had previously replaced the stopcock assembly and checked the whole thing for leaks, but with no effect. Turns out the cheap rubber washer in the inflow valve had come loose and blocked the pipe, growing steadily worse as deposits built up. One hard plastic washer of identical size later, the toilet works like it did when it was new. Bow before my mad plumbing skillz, minions!


  1. isn’t it amazing how alike men are at their root? we seem so different at times, but give us a mundane but annoying little physical project and once we conquer it, we are kings of the world. such was the window of great admonishment, the front door of increasing shame, the shuttering shutters of dilapidation, et al. after each, a welling of pride and the (rightful) appreciation of my woman ensued. isn’t being a man great sometimes? our little pride motors are so easy to get running. 🙂

  2. You have so much more to be proud of! I am amazed at all the work you’ve completed on your house. It will be such a beautiful place for you and Darya to start your new life together in September. Have you considered going into business doing this sort of thing? There are so many people (including, say, myself) who are ill-equipped to handle such tasks.

    We recently hired a handyman service to complete some fixup work in the basement, which we contacted after seeing them written up in the paper as being head and shoulders above any of the other local firms. They were promptly communicative, arrived on time (after a phone call to make sure it was still convenient for Eleya), and cleaned up completely after themselves. This is, as I’m sure you’re aware, very rare among contractors, thus their reputation. Being the good planner and responsible person you are, you would also likely garner such a stellar reputation very quickly.

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