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Definitely smells like a duck.

Definitely smells like a duck.

So, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president-elect is a terrorist? (The adjective “former” just doesn’t seem to hang well with that particular noun.) How long do we expect it to take for Congressional Democratic Party mouthpieces to denounce this as yet another in a long line of incendiary tactics of the vast right-wing conspiracy, designed to bolster support for marginalizing and oppressing poor, defenseless Middle Eastern nations?

Elections in Iran are a sham in any case. Ahmadinejad was “elected” from a small slate of nominees winnowed by the religious Council of Guardians, who are themselves appointed by the “Supreme Leader,” a sort of über-cleric who holds the real governing power in Iran. All of which political fakery is designed to insure the continuity of ultraconservative, theocratic Islamic rule, to suppress democratic reform, and to quell the human urge for liberty.

We should not be surprised such a person has been elevated to a position of power, especially given Iran’s continual commitment to thwarting peace. Ahmadinejad is merely a human codification of radical fundamentalist Islam’s true animus toward freedom and peace. The left will undoubtedly wring its hands and burn the midnight candle over language designed to show how they are tough on terrorists, while simultaneously avoiding giving any credit to the current Administration for their honest assessment of this morally and spiritually bankrupt movement.

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