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Heck week.

Heck week.


Next week is going to be a Fedora Documentation Project “push to publish” endeavor. I have a few things I’ve been nipping on by the morsel, but I’m going to take some hefty bites this weekend. (Or, alternately, they will bite back.)

Best. Reply. Ever.

There has been a huge thread on fedora-devel-list regarding a recent change upstream in GNOME. The “Open Terminal” shortcut has been removed from the Desktop quick menu provided by nautilus. Currently, if you right-click the Desktop, “Open Terminal” is one of the choices. For the GNOME target audience of general computer users — which is not the same as “general Linux users” — this makes absolutely no sense.

Trying to pitch in, I notified the list, as well as fedora-extras-list, that I had packaged the GNOME “PowerTool” which solves this problem. When FC5 is issued, a so-called “power user” will be able to yum install nautilus-open-terminal to restore this tool, assuming they are too blinded by tradition to simply make a shortcut key that brings up a terminal (which, incidentally, is much faster than having to remove one’s hands from the keyboard to use the mouse to open one).

The debate raged on all day, but the best response by far came from Colin Walters. If you wonder why it is I like Red Hat so much, the best explanation is that they hire people with this kind of insight. I once lusted after a job at Red Hat; the more I see of how some of their folks think, the more I worry that I couldn’t keep up.