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Project Exhaustion, phase 1 complete.

Project Exhaustion, phase 1 complete.

Total driving: 270 miles

Friday night I did a gig at Bistro Europa in Alexandria, with the band for whom I’ve been doing hired-gun duty. The gig went well, but I realized how unaccustomed I’ve become to three-set shows covering the 10:00 p.m. to 1:15 a.m. (“last call”) hours. Thankfully, my old buddy caffeine didn’t let me down, so I got home and crashed at about 3:00.

No rest for the wicked, apparently, since I had to get up at about 8:30 to get packed up for a gig in the afternoon. I took the whole family with me this time, to the Tarara Winery Great Grape Festival. That gig, too, went just fine, and the weather was balmy if somewhat overcast. The kids behaved like angels, a real treat given that we upended their schedule and neither got a nap — except for a 30-minute snooze by my little man in the van on the way. (This is what my wife and I like to refer to as his “morning constitutional.”)

Today I am trying to complete the lion’s share of reading to complete my book review by the end of the week.