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And from Hollywood, a savior arose…

And from Hollywood, a savior arose…

Thank goodness Barbra is back to set us straight! Nothing like a little timely politics to make sure your album dates itself at the earliest opportunity. My favorite bit:

Streisand and Gibb first worked together on her best-selling 1980 album “Guilty,” which contained hits like the title track and “Woman In Love.” Streisand calls that album “really the easiest album I ever made.”

“Barry is so talented that he can write songs and produce them and make the tracks and sing the background,” she said.

Of course it was easy; Barry does all the work, and you just show up, sing, and make notes for another chapter in your breathless autobiography. Silly cow.

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  1. Streisand is a gift to the clear-thinking everywhere. Though not the only one of her ilk (that is, thoughtless, vain, wealthy, famous, maudlin, and riddled with guilt – not necessarily in order of precedence), she is perhaps that once-in-a-generation combination of “cult-like following” and “sheer idiocy” that owes its lineage to the likes of Che Guevara (with less kidnappings and murders) and L. Ron Hubbard (with somewhat less pure evil).

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