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We are monitoring the situation.

We are monitoring the situation.

I came home from the music store today with a pair of brand-new Behringer Truth B2031A studio monitors. I am really impressed with their sound and depth, especially given their low cost. We’d all like to be able to buy $1000 or $2000 monitors, but the life of a part-time musician revolves around making compromises. This is one with which I felt I could live. Behringer has obviously made some significant improvements to this line from the original B2031’s, mostly in that the highs are not as brittle and fatiguing. I can still hear a significant low-mid bump, but part of this is due to my poorly treated environment. Little steps…


  1. Hey Eric! Paul’s blog is as good a place as any for this topic, so here goes. 🙂 Upgrading the home net – replacing an old linux box which was running as a hardware firewall with a newer wireless router – seems to have kefluged something. Haven’t figured it out. Newlywedness coupled with home renovations has sapped any available time. Hope to have it restored in a week or two. By the way, I’ve a community blog with a few friends at:


    They are just as reasonable as me, though not nearly as nutty.



  2. Paul – I have a Behringer KX-1200 keyboard amp which I bought for use as a practice and gig amp for my Chapman Stick (which has an active pickup). Works well in this regard, though lately it has served more as an amp for music in the den, as I rip up the flooring in the kitchen. Hope to get back to Stick practice after the floor is done later in November. 🙂

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