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One small step for this man.

One small step for this man.

Last night after a mini-marathon fueled by a slice of my mom’s derby pie*, I finally got package building working in Fedora Docs for the example-tutorial. Once we get the Makefile rules moved into the common one, and everyone starts converting their docs to use the new “rpm-info” DTD, we should have a fairly robust platform for releasing docs into Fedora Extras for community consumption.

Happy New Year!

*Note this may not be the recipe my mom uses. She’s actually from Kentucky and I hear people have been shot over recipes thereabouts.


  1. It’s something we’re using in docs CVS to dynamically create, using XSLT, both (1) document metadata in the <bookinfo> or <articleinfo> sections in our DocBook source, and (2) changelog information for the spec file we generate. The spec file is destined (hopefully sooner than later) for Fedora Extras. The rpm-info.dtd was originally named to provide packaging information, but then we realized there was a significant amount of metadata that would also be useful in the document source. By consolidating it we’re saving translators a little grief — we think.

    If you want to check out the current DTD, here it is.

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