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Boggled by blog.

Boggled by blog.

I got a comment just today from a fellow Fedora Project person (he pulls far more weight than I, and on a more continual basis, so the term “colleague” is, I think, inappropriate — anyone have a better one?). I wanted to respond here on the blog and have the response go to him as well, but instead I was forced to duplicate effort to carry this off, pasting the comment text into my blog’s comment stream.

This is one of the few things that annoy me (a litle) about WordPress — there is no logical and easy way to notify someone that you’ve made a response to their comment in which that person might be interested. (Something like the feature commonly found in forum software, I suppose.) I realize this would present a problem, because how do you prevent any such feature — whether initiated by a user option or an admin option — from becoming an engine for spammers? Hmm.

Perhaps the answer would be that only the admin who receives mail for comment notification may initiate such an email notification, using an authorization code present in the notification. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious. In any case, maybe I can roll this into a suggestion for the developers, or even a PHP plugin when time allows.

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  1. seth vidal

    some of the blogging software will email responses to comments if you inputted an email address. I dunno if wordpress will but I know I’ve gotten responses via email for other systems.

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