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The rain has gone.

The rain has gone.

I picked up my new glasses today at the optometrist’s and love love LOVE them. Normally I do what most people do, and buy mine at the supermegaultrasavings optical department. But I’ve been doing that my whole life and it’s been, oh gee, about that long since I’ve had a pair of glasses I liked — over 15 years. I had a brief flirtation with contacts (if you can call four years “brief”), but allergies put a stop to that whole affair. So it was back to being a four-eyes for the last several years, and putting up with frames that were always a little too thick to look good, or good-looking but relatively uncomfortable.

So I laid my hard-earned cash down for a pair of spiffy Nike frames, and they are supercool. They even have a matching magnetic polarized sunglass clip-on (not to worry, way less geeky than I would have thought possible). Every once in a while, you have to remember that it’s OK to spend some of your hard-earned money on yourself.

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  1. i agree. life is too short to live in uncomfortable*:

    1. shoes
    2. underwear
    3. eyewear

    * – i define “uncomfortable” in the broadest of sense, in that it can be uncomfortable to wear otherwise comfortable shoes that scare small children and bring howls of laughter from fashionistas. same goes for any of the above, though i hope that no one sans your wife sees your underwear. 😉

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