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Day of the (walking) dead.

Day of the (walking) dead.

Both the kids are down with double ear infections, as diagnosed by the doctor today… He prescribed them a different kind of 3-day regimen antibiotic, so hopefully they’ll feel some relief shortly, especially my poor little Evie who was complaining about her earache this morning. (Ethan doesn’t really ever complain about anything except when Mommy leaves without him to go somewhere.)

I spent the whole weekend sick too, and sleepless to boot. I think I got a combined total of about ten hours of uninterrupted sleep over the last three nights. I am wrapping things up at work and going home to recuperate. I just hope Eleya can ward off the evil germs; one of us has to be at fighting strength to keep this ship afloat!

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  1. here’s a remedy for your sleep situation: come to my house and help me remodel. i’ll work you so hard, you collapse at the end of the day, having no ability to keep yourself awake.

    at least that’s been my plan.

    hope everyone is feeling better soon!

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