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So I kinda got lost in the moments, even the boring ones. But I learned something tonight::

  • If you’re going to commit to live blogging, you need to either have (1) a lot of consistency, or (2) partners.
  • You’re right, Hollywood, racism IS wrong!
  • We need Bill Conti’s orchestra with a stopwatch lurking in the floor somewhere beneath Andy Rooney.
  • More women who aren’t Salma Hayek or Jessica Alba need to wear shoulder garments with their gowns. A shawl, a wrap, something. Please, ladies. You know who you are.
  • John Stewart will probably not be back next year.

All in all, a pretty boring show, but interesting upsets. I am a little sad that “Brokeback Mountain” didn’t take away the Best Picture Oscar, since it was my favorite. Well, actually, it was the only nominee we were able to see in the theater. I wonder how much of the “Crash” victory was due to its second life on DVD? I hear many of the AMPAS voters don’t even see the movies in the daggone theater. How’s that for irony, especially with all the proselytizing they did to get us out to the big screen?

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  1. Some thoughts:

    1. An invitation is in order for next year (re: partners).
    2. The Bill “Gonna Fly Now” Conti orchestra should also be contracted to help curtail the windbags on the House and Senate floors – and specifically for negating unconstitutional filibustering.
    3. Jon Stewart indeed will not return. Darya and I surmised as much. In our view, he took the truer of 2 roads – the one whereupon he could at least sate his fans and sleep at night. He was in a tough place.

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