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It’s official.

It’s official.

Last night we had our official record release gala at IOTA and everything went swimmingly. The band even backed the completely fabulous Edie Carey for a few songs. Rich and I had wanted to do this for some time, since hearing her at a previous show, and both of us listen to her music incessantly. Now we have cemented our plans both for weasling our way into yet another artist’s musical career, and for padding our résumés with star power. Edie, you are so completely awesome, it’s hard to put into words how cool it was to share a stage with you. It was really a dream come true.

UPDATE: So I’m sitting here listening to all the Edie clips I can find on the Internet. I swear to God, I do this every time I see her live. Am I a closet stalker? Only time and the 11:00 news will tell.

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