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Snapshots from the trenches.

Snapshots from the trenches.

It’s nice to be home (finally). After my flight Saturday morning, I sat in traffic for 2-1/2 hours on the way home. Then I dropped my stuff, hugged the wife and kids, and drove another hour down to Richmond to help some friends with their house-painting project. Lovely folks they are, they fed me dinner, and after driving home rather later than I expected, I totally fell into bed and crashed until about 9:30 this morning.

The smell of fresh-brewed coffee cured my morning blues (did I mention my wife rocks?) and thankfully there wasn’t a lot of email to catch up in the wake of the conference. I transcribed my notes from the historic (?) first Fedora Project Board meeting and sent them off to Fearless Leader for distribution. We are working hard to get some public-facing infrastructure up, so we can effectively expose our process to the community. There are some delays, but nothing we shouldn’t be able to handle in fairly short order. Stay tuned for news.

Oh, and here are some “exciting action shots” from LinuxWorld and FUDCon. The suit-to-geek ratio was way up this year. Anyhoo, it will be easy to tell from these images that I am not much of a photographer. I had a few snaps of Max and Greg at the closing keynote as well as some other odds and ends that were so terrible I can’t even post them.

Here’s the view coming down to the show floor:

Click for 1280x960

Somehow I managed to not have my camera with me (or ready to shoot, in any case) whenever I met someone interesting, especially the Fedorans. The lovely and congenial Alex Maier, for instance, stopped by the Fedora booth on Thursday while I was there, and I managed to get no picture. I can report that she has a fabulous smile, and that rumors abound of her ability to drink a bar full of Tibetan yak herders under a table. Unfortunately, I could neither confirm nor deny these rumors with any of the Tibetan yak herders, since they kept getting dragged off by Intel Fembots monotonously repeating, “HAVE YOU TAKEN THE TOUR? HAVE YOU TAKEN THE TOUR?” But here’s all the other marketeers from Da Hat:

Red Hatters all dudded up for the aftershow rodeo

I was a good $12-15 cab ride from the convention center, but the tradeoff was that (1) I got the room at my per diem rate, and (2) I had a corner suite with an awesome view of Boston Harbor. I had a shot of the suite’s interior, but what with all the hookers, Curvoisier, crack pipes, and what-not littered around from the night before, it was kind of hard to get a bead on how nice the room was. Here’s the view, though:

Lovely harbor view from my hotel room

Warren Togami started off Friday morning with an overview of Fedora that helped set the stage for newcomers and dispel some of the frequent silly FUD surrounding the distribution. Most importantly, he made it clear that Red Hat loves Fedora, wants it to succeed on its own terms, and is trying to Do The Right Thing by the community — you know, when they’re not trying to destroy FOSS by burying it under truckloads of cash.

Warren Togami sets the stage at FUDCon

This shot came right before the Fedora Core 5 DVDs arrived in their super-collectible logo sleeve, and attendees started overturning cars and burning storefronts to get to them:

Right before the riots started.

Christopher Aillon’s presentation on NetworkManager was one that I attended. He did a good job, even when being heckled by Seth. (Just kidding!)

Christopher Aillon explains how NetworkManager rocks

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got that’s worth posting, and I’m sure that point is arguable at best. Hopefully there will be more from other folks shortly.