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The gift that keeps on giving.

The gift that keeps on giving.

So you would like to shoot some support to Fedora, but you don’t know how to do it? Did you know you can purchase (for peanuts, no less) a full DVD distribution of the latest and greatest Fedora Core 5 release? And here’s the kicker — when you purchase this DVD, at what’s already a very low price, you are not just buying Fedora for yourself, but you are ensuring that someone else can get it also. You could be sending the gift of Linux and Fedora to an IT worker in a developing nation, or to a schoolteacher in a rural area, or who knows where — maybe in a place where broadband and CD/DVD burners or media aren’t easy to come by.

This Sponsored Media initiative is a great way to show your support for the project if you don’t have time to give but you’ve got an extra few dollars burning a hole in your pocket. People are always asking Fedora Project folks, “Can I donate money to Fedora like I do to, say, the Free Software Foundation?” Well, here’s the answer. When you give this gift, who knows how many people you’re helping? These discs are physical items that can be passed from person to person, used and reused.

Simply click on one of the vendor links on the Sponsored Media page, and connect to one of the supercool companies that is helping further this project. Order your DVD or CD set there, and not only do you get a set, but one will go to the next needy entity in the queue. Heck, you can even give both the sets away if you want!

So give the gift of freedom — give Fedora today!

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