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Angry, with a point to make.

Angry, with a point to make.

This morning we’re (finally!) having our air conditioner replaced. The crew is from a well-respected specialist outfit that’s been in business around here for over 75 years. (Thankfully, given the heat and humidity, none of the folks that came this morning have actually been at the company that long themselves.) Unbeknownst to me we had a sizable hornets’ nest lurking under the deck and one of the little buggers stung one of the guys while they were moving the A-coil box into the basement.

I was mortified of course; it’s not enough that these guys have been slaving away lately in this hot weather, which is when all the old units start breaking down in droves. Now they have to put up with angry hornets? Thank goodness the guy wasn’t allergic or anything.

I’ve been very good in past years at checking around under the deck for these stupid critters, but somehow I never saw this nest, even when I was outside under the deck myself last weekend. (Thank goodness it was midday, so most of the critters were probably away from the nest.)

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