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Release Notes blues.

Release Notes blues.

Last night (this morning?) the Documentation Project pushed the raw material for the Fedora Core 6 test3 Release Notes over to the Translation folks for them to work their magic. We are a little saddened that despite moving to a “beats” model, which allows easier community participation since there’s much less for a single person to do, many holes are left in the next release’s notes. This doesn’t jibe well with the enormous success Fedora is having on the development front, especially when I hear from folks inside Red Hat — who will not be named here — that our Release Notes for FC5 were apparently well-liked and greatly envied for their comprehensiveness. Yes, they were a pinnacle of quantity and quality!

If you have anything to add to the Release Notes, please get in touch with the beat writer for the area you’d like to see improved. If that person doesn’t respond to you, let us know. If you want to pick up the beat, you can bet we won’t turn the offer down, but at worst you can always just add the material to the wiki. (We just want to give the beat writers the chance to TCB if at all possible.)

For those who have walked the beat nobly and vigilantly, we salute you!

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