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FredLUG takes off (again)!

FredLUG takes off (again)!

Last night was a reconsitution of the Fredericksburg (VA) Linux Users Group, and it was small but successful. We had a nice variety of interesting (and interested) folks there, with specialties such as investigation and forensics and Asterisk and PBX. There were several other folks who sent apologies and will probably be at the next meeting in December. (I was pleased to see a lot of Fedora awareness — a lot of folks using it!)

I prepared a short slide deck just summarizing what we know at this point and where we should be heading. Mainly, we want to get the word out that this LUG is back in business and to gather up a solid membership. We have a great talent pool in this area, since many tech folks have migrated our way to avoid the unbelievable cost of living closer to D.C. We’ll surely be able to find lots of interest through the normal venues such as computer stores and other community and user groups.

Our mailing list will be hopping for the next few days as we get some initial ideas in play. Hopefully folks will use the opportunity to get involved and make this LUG the excellent group I know it can be.

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