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Release the hounds!

Release the hounds!

FUDCon starts this morning. I am woefully underprepared from the perspective of offering a photoblog or anything of the sort — I totally forgot to get moto4lin running on my box before I left, and I was way too tired last night to do anything about it.

I did, however, roll out of bed at the unholy hour or 5:15 a.m. to walk down to the gym, where I StairMastered myself into a big sweatball. The comfortable shower in my room at the Fairmont made everything all better and ensured that no one would smell me coming when I pull out my ninja docs-fu later. Oh yeah, fear me!

Notable people I’ve been pleased to meet, and whom I didn’t already know in person, include:

  • Matt Domsch
  • Rahul Sundaram (prize for “Longest Journey to FUDCon”)
  • Toshia Kuratomi
  • John Palmieri (J5)
  • Thorsten Leemhuis (thl)
  • Fedora Unity guys, incl. Bob Jensen, Jon Steffan, and Jeroen (kanarip)

Met up with the whole Board and a bunch of other folks last night for dinner. Unfortunately it was at a chain restaurant, but Seth and I made a bit of a pact to stick to local haunts for the rest of the weekend if possible. Where’s lunch tomorrow, Seth?

Greg is up on stage now so I’m going to pay attention, especially since I’m pitching my session in a few minutes. ?