Linux, musical road-dogging, and daily life by Paul W. Frields
Slung in a hammock.

Slung in a hammock.

We’re the only ones left and we’re flat on our backs
Taking the rest of the day off…

Yes, it’s a wonderful day to get some work done at home. I got up at a pretty reasonable time, exercised, then picked up some coffee (thank you O SuperWife!), got my email under control and did a little IRC to get my brain in gear as well. I think today I’m going to get some work done on a couple side projects I’ve had cooking for a while. Much depends on whether my children can abide by the morning cease-fire. The accords have not gone well.

This was a strange weekend of long-term future pondering, looking at where my life’s been and where it’s heading. Will there be more to this story later? We’ll see…. Regardless, my wife is giving me her fullest support and that makes all the difference between trepidation and enthusiasm.

You find it don’t add up
To much when you’re wrapped in a blanket of stars
With the one you love

— Neil Finn, “Rest of the Day Off”