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The sigh of relief heard round the world.

The sigh of relief heard round the world.

Those folks unlucky enough to keep me in their bookmarks and RSS readers will be happy to know I will not make a foolish, half-hearted, and unbearably sophomoric attempt to blog the Oscars again this year. Please, enjoy the starlets in slinky dresses and overwrought dance numbers. Go Marty!


  1. DAMN! We just popped on over for your take on things; much to our shagrin, your blog is quiet this evening.

    Happy Feet over Cars? C’mon!

    Alan Arkin – love him!

    Good for Jennifer Hudson. Best feel-good story in a while.

    Guess I’ll have to see this Pan film. 3 Oscars thus far?

    Al. Gore. Groan.

    Ellen DeGeneres is awesome, as always. Love her.

    Since this Academy Awards has been so very political: If “An Inconvenient Truth” wins, I predict Gore will be drafted and after Clinton and Obama nearly destroy one another, Gore will pick Obama as his running mate.

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