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Gearing up for the ‘sploit-o-rama.

Gearing up for the ‘sploit-o-rama.


Eleya and I have been wanting to go see Grindhouse, but our weekends are generally getting pretty booked up at this point. So I figured, what better way could there be to get some quality time than to call up da Moms and get her to sit the kids? After all, my daughter is off school for spring break this week.

But it turns out that Mom’s only day free is tomorrow, despite my telling her repeatedly that the kids were really hoping for later in the week, so they can, I don’t know, keep up with their Pilates classes and lunch at Elaine’s or something. Right, Mom TOTALLY not buying it. But it is a Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature… Hm.

One call to the boss later, and I’m free! On a TUESDAY! To go TO THE MOVIES!!! Oh yeah, bring on the popcorn, baby. And I can’t be too uppity about the scheduling — after all, my mom raised me on a steady diet of B- to Z-grade movies when I was a kid.

Does anyone else remember the 4:00 movie they used to show on Channel 7 when we (meaning those of us over 35 but not yet officially Over the Hill) were kids? Creepy, crappy stuff like the Karen Black Trilogy of Terror and The Devil’s Rain (other than Star Trek, my favorite role from the pre-corpulent William Shatner).

My hope is that this movie will remind me of those Channel 7 exploitation films, only, you know, amped up on a case of Rockstar.


Mugshot makes it a lot harder to hide that I’ve been enjoying an advance copy of the new NIN record, which hits stores in about a week. It’s the best since 1994’s The Downward Spiral, in my opinion. I can’t wait to see more of the art project that’s springing up around this.

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  1. i do remember channel 7’s afternoon features, which were often indeed quite bad. i don’t think they ever aired it in the afternoon, however. seems like i saw it in the midnight hour on “the great late movie” or something like that.

    here’s another past-blaster for ye: do you remember “Super TV”? it was a scrambled over the air channel, 50 i think, in washington, dc. i recall many a late night, fiddling with the fine tuning knob on the tv downstairs, trying mostly in vain to make out the vaguely pornographic images being broadcast. never saw enough to get very excited, however – probably a good thing. 🙂

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