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If it’s too loud, you’re too old.

If it’s too loud, you’re too old.

Yesterday I turned 37 and got a bunch of swell gifts, including a previously-mentioned gift certificate from friends, with which I bought some good music. My wife and kids got me some additional great stuff, including the “new” Elliott Smith album, the latest by The Shins, and a collection of music by the Beach Boys, by whom I only have the much-loved Pet Sounds. They also got me a couple of great concerts on DVD. (Yes, I do live for music.)

My office had its annual picnic today, so I basically got a two-fer. We had some great food, with Yours Truly serving a good portion of grill duty (and an extra helping of my wife’s awesome baked masterpieces). The high-70’s (F) weather is apparently going to finally yield to the onrushing freight train of summer later this week, so some friends and I took full advantage up the sun, minus the heatstroke, by renting a couple of canoes to paddle out on the lake. We saw an assortment of young fawns, blue herons, and other beautiful wildlife gathered among the coves as we coasted along the perimeter of the lake, before finally heading back to shore.

We cooled off after the picnic by heading to a local pub (or what passes for one in the States) for a couple pints, then said our goodbyes. The subjects of sake and soju had come up over our beers (you’d think we’d get enough), so I stopped by the local grocer’s and to my delight found a couple different kinds of sake. So I’ve been sipping some warm while I catch up on email and get dinner ready for the family.

I think I like the idea of the extended birthday. ?


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