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Daddy’s day in.

Daddy’s day in.

Sure, anyone can just sleep in on Fathers Day, but me? I helped my lovely bride out by going through a whirlwind of cleaning this morning. I did get a cute card from Evie that read:

happy Grouchy Father’s Day!

Following this was a small emblem of Oscar the Grouch in his trashcan. Funny to see this, since my daughter only knows Oscar from some old childhood Sesame Street books of mine. The other side read:

Dear Daddy, It’s your lucky Day!
Here is what you can do:
sleep longer
Tell everyone to be nice to you

Nothing like freedom of choice! Of course I got a nice card from my sweetie as well, with complimentary scrawled drawing on the back by Ethan, entitled “Giant Whale” and looking pretty much exactly like one would imagine, if one’s senses were deranged by a massive amount of hallucinogens.

Yesterday I got a little administrative work done for the Docs Project, including a draft schedule for our release notes. We should be deciding by consensus where to throw our weight for the next round of guide hacking. I’m already planning to give a hand to Jeremy on a “new world order” briefing document. It will hopefully help people who haven’t had time to keep up with the rapidly shifting landscape of package building and submission.

Interestingly, yesterday I got a call from one of my favorite Red Hatters who, through an unfortunate set of circumstances, ended up having a great deal more free time to kill this weekend than expected. I had made a big deal at the last FUDPub that she should drop by for a visit, as my house is not too far off her normal route home, so I invited her to come by and visit for a bit. (Thus the aforementioned cleaning escapades.)

Now I’m just picking up some odds and ends (or rather, avoiding doing that) while waiting for her to arrive, and hoping the kids don’t embarrass us by breaking into the liquor cabinet or running around naked and screaming “WHAT’S THE FREQUENCY, KENNETH?!?”. Eleya is making taquitos tonight and prepared some nice chocolate pots for dessert already. Will report details later.

Listening to: Bleu – “Redhead” (At some point I need a plugin to handle posting things like that.)

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  1. I did get to sleep in for a bit, as usual and requested; woke to a fresh bear claw and americano from The Buttery. Main event was then as I requested – a few hours of book reading, snuggling, and playing bears in a blanket cave, all with my two little bears. Heaven!

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