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Virtual bombast.

Virtual bombast.

Tonight I gave a presentation on Fedora Documentation, and how to use our tools to create new docs in a more structured (read: non-wiki) environment. The presentation is available in both ODP and PDF formats at my Fedora People site. (Note the presentation is updated, with a bad link fixed.)

It’s a very quick view of how easy our toolset is for creating and maintaining documentation, and a good reminder of how far we’ve come since I started, with virtually no “hardcore” coders involved. Even so, our main problem continues, in that we do not have enough writers involved! Even if you’d rather use the wiki, we have plenty of ways to get involved that way. In the long run, we would hope that writers discover (as I did) the power of DocBook XML and CVS (or whatever SCM you use) collaboration, or the eventual Plone site, but on their
own comfortable schedule.

There is still work to do for the old-timers, such as getting some sort of PDF solution in place at long last, and (finger pointing at self here) getting our work in RPM format into the Fedora package repository.

Thanks to Seth Vidal for helping me with SIP channel setup, and Jef Spaleta for helping wrangle this whole Virtual FUDCon thing. He’ll claim that it was a disaster, but if you got something out of it, please drop him a kind word to let him know.