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Nobody home but us monsters.

Nobody home but us monsters.

My better half has flown the coop, as it were, for Tennessee through Friday night, so I am home taking care of the kids. I’ve already familiarized myself with the contents of our knife block and the location of incendiary materials, so I should be able to tell if any suddenly “go missing.” Maybe I should develop that ability to sleep with my eyes open that I’ve always wished I had.

I actually may have time to get some substantial work done for Fedora over the next few days, around making PB&J sandwiches and forestalling violence. If not, at least I can still pad my resume for “UN Peacekeeper.”


  1. Rex Dieter

    If all goes well, upon your wife’s return, you will (hopefully) have ammo to share about all the things that *her* children were up to when she was away. 🙂

    Otherwise, enjoy the time.

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