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Why my kids are great, No. 27.

Why my kids are great, No. 27.

Today I managed to get some substantial work done around my “Daddy Day Care” duty:

  1. Published some new versions of the Translation Quick Start Guide for the L10n folks
  2. Edited a new README for Fedora Live images
  3. Imported said README into Docs CVS and set it up for our build toolchain
  4. Integrated said README further into the fedora-release-notes package for use at official spin time
  5. Set up a draft wiki page for a new README file for the standard Fedora ISO spins, and sent mail to the fedora-marketing-list for input. (Open to all comers, actually, so please feel free to pitch in if you’re reading this!)

Tonight I am taking the kids over to Evie’s school for “Open House,” so she can meet her new first-grade teachers and say hello to her kindergarten teachers from last year. Then I’ll probably take the night off from the interwebz, maybe watch the Godard film Contempt which showed up from Netflix.