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Release Notes countdown.

Release Notes countdown.

The Fedora Documentation Project uses “beats” — small, manageable subject matter areas — to organize and separate the Release Notes for each release of Fedora. We keep these beats on the wiki, and the entire community is able to contribute to them. We edit them for accuracy and readability, and interface with the translators to get them into as many languages as possible for release.

As stated in the Docs Project schedule for Fedora 8, the “freeze” for the draft Release Notes is coming on 11 September. Whether you are a developer or not, you can use this time to make sure areas of interest are covered in the Release Notes for F8. The long lead time is to give our translators as much time as possible to do the translation, which is usually quite lengthy. For F7 we had thirteen (13) locales for our release notes, the most ever for a release.

For the final release ISO spins of F8, we freeze the wiki Release Notes beats again around 8 October. Anything not in the beats by then will not make it to the ISO spins, so your best bet is to get notes in early. As always, you can find several of us hanging around IRC Freenode at #fedora-docs, ready to answer questions or give advice.

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