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Anglocentricity not acceptable.

Anglocentricity not acceptable.

The Release Notes beats have a great many holes — too many for comfort at this point, as we need to ship them to the L10N project for translation work pronto. A too-high number of our beat writers appear to have disappeared from view, and that leaves the rest of us Docs Project folks up a bit of a creek.

In short, we need your help! We can’t rely on simply updating the wiki at the last minute for Release Notes, since many users around the world depend on our huge assortment of translated languages courtesy of the L10N folks.

Docs Project volunteers like me have to take the wiki pages, convert them to DocBook, and then ship the translatable strings to L10N for translation. A veritable army of volunteer translators then make them ready in as many languages as possible. For F7, that was a dozen. We’d love to top it in F8 but that won’t happen unless the community fills in the raw materials, and fast.

We do a day-and-date Web drop of updated release notes to cover any omissions or late-breaking changes, but the more translations of release notes we can include in the GA release, the better. To wit, the following beats need love: