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Dropping the knowledge.

Dropping the knowledge.

Bart and I had a conversation on IRC today where we wondered how we could get more training to new Fedora contributors. He brought up the idea of a Training SIG and then we discussed (and played around with) moodle, which is a complete Web-based courseware system. When combined with other available internet resources, this might be an interesting way to train new contributors for a subproject.

It’s probably not as useful for projects like packaging where the rules (and thus the backing training) can turn on a dime, but it’s great for basic skills platform wide. What we probably don’t want to do is duplicate the huge amount of UNIX/Linux courseware that’s out there, but it might be interesting to exchange content in moodle from the Docs Project. Finished guides could become the narrative basis for courseware. An interesting idea that I need to think about more in the coming days. I know Bart will be doing the same.

The nice thing for me personally is that this ties in a lot of my skill sets (teaching, Linux, and writing). There’s a lot on my plate right now with a release looming and docs to finish, but this could be a nice way to start the F9 cycle.


  1. Such a system would also provide another opportunity for “non programmers” to participate in the fedora project. I listened to the puppet training that was given a few weeks ago and I think it could be very easily expanded into a full moodle course over time.

  2. how about you check other open source LMS alternatives? we here at the university of zurich work with and developer the Java based OLAT which is as powerful as moodle but the interface is “cleaner” 🙂

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