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Weekend reprobate.

Weekend reprobate.

This weekend I am in recording sessions, doing preproduction work with Laura, Arch, and Rich. Things are going very well so far — We tracked rhythm section work for four tunes, “Helicopter’s Rope,” “Roads,” “Keep Talking,” and “Our History.” Tomorrow will be spent putting down vocals, some guitars, and fitting in a more general rehearsal for our show on the 19th at IOTA in Arlington. My understanding is that MANY people will be there so we want to be in tiptop shape. Since I’m gone all week on a business trip, our rehearsal options are limited.

If you try to reach me this weekend, or don’t see a lot of work flying over the docs commit list this weekend, now you’ll know why. I’ve been using Rawhide on my new laptop for a while now and things are looking really super — looking forward to the release!

As always, thanks to my beautiful and patient wife for holding down the home front while I play the part of The Entertainer.

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