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Things that make you go “Duh,” part 35.

Things that make you go “Duh,” part 35.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this one, from Evolution in Rawhide:

So tell me, Evo developers, if top posting isn’t recommended, why is it that when I start a reply, my cursor opens a blank line at the beginning of the message and positions itself there?


  1. Thorsten Leemhuis

    Not sure what the evo people thought, but I think that behavior is proper (at least if I got your post right) : You normally say “Hi folks” at the top of the mail; after typing that you scroll down, remove the quoted parts you don’t reply to and put your own words right below the quoted parts you leave (e.g. in context).

    IOW: top posting is bad. But bottom posting without trimming the quoted parts is not much better IMHO, thus curser at the top is the right thing to do.

  2. OK, I’ll buy the “trimming” part, for sure — I do that all the time myself. I think saluations at the top are overrated myself, but that’s probably just personal taste. I still feel the overall effect, though, is going to encourage top-posting. Ah well, there are too many other things to get feathers ruffled over to worry about this one too much. I was just amused at the dialog, is all… 🙂

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