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In Internet years, I’m dead.

In Internet years, I’m dead.

Last night my wife noted — not ruefully, I was grateful to observe — that I’ve been working on Fedora for quite a while now. (“I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve been working, Bob.”) Sure enough, she was right. I found this old rag from a little over four years ago.

Amazing, how time flies.

This morning, for whatever reason, my brain is swimming in ideas about on how I should spend the coming year in Fedora, but it’s too soupy to write at this point. One thing I do know is we have a heavy influx of documentation volunteers right now, and we need to wrangle the extra elbow grease properly. Already we have several community members stepping up to do that job, and we hope to have new guides out in plenty of time for F9 release. I see one of my jobs this coming year as providing better direction as opposed to the more ground-focused work — however tempting that work may be.

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