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I’m in ur phone booth changin my guise.

I’m in ur phone booth changin my guise.

Stayed up late catching up on a little work and email. Woke up late this morning, sped out the door with daughter in tow to do some Christmas shopping for bandmates. Overspent and hope no one is shamed.

Now I need to move my amp and cab (ugh) up to the car, change my clothes, and become the rockstar I was meant to be. You know, the kind that drives a late-model Honda.

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  1. chris

    Those are the best kind of rockstars, for:

    1. they prob are married and monogamous, thus no STDs being spread,
    2. they prob are raising kids who will add to, rather than subtract from society.
    3. they have long-standing relationships with people who appreciate such things.

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