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A good flip-flop.

A good flip-flop.

Max posted to fedora-devel-announce that we might swap days on the FUDCon schedule, splitting the hackfest days — Friday and Sunday — with the BarCamp day on Saturday.

This potentially could turn out to be a great routine arrangement for FUDCon. since now the Saturday sessions can benefit from being informed by a prior day of hacking. FUDCon sessions now can be just as much about showing off work completed the day before, like a progress report for a code sprint, or the results of brainstorming and prototyping sessions.

I can’t think of anything more exciting than hearing people proposing sessions in the morning with words like, “Come see the cool stuff we did YESTERDAY.” And of course, there will be the additional boatload of cool general sessions that feature ongoing efforts and newly-hatched ideas. Bring it on!

I’m pretty sure FUDPub will move to Saturday night too, because we wouldn’t want to miss any of the morning FUDCon sessions, NOW WOULD WE? ?


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