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Victory is mine!

Victory is mine!

Phase Five completed this afternoon. There’s a spot of cleanup left to do in the basement, but the basement great room has now been converted to a pretty decent media room. We need to do something about the furnishing situation, but there’s a recliner and a papasan chair that make movie watching comfortable for now.

Our family room now has enough extra space for the kids to spread out when they play, and not walk all over each other (or their toys, ouch). The dog is a little perturbed at our upsetting her sense of spatial recognition, but we suspect she’ll get over it. (“New tricks — why now? I’m OLD!”)

Next all our media shelves will be coming down to the basement this week. I’m thinking we should have picked up a few more so we’d have room to put knick-knacks and things on the walls, but… meh.

I even managed to arrange things so that our server will be hooked up to the HDTV, which makes for some mighty fine loungin’ when I’m on IRC, let me tell you. This week I need to order a couple parts to finish building the studio computer for use as a DAW, and once the Christmas tree is gone from the library Eleya and I will be staining the little desk we bought to go in there.

One small unforeseen nasty side effect of all this rearranging has been that the consequent dust discoveries (and subsequent dusting) have done a number on my allergies. I’m supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but if I don’t feel better tomorrow morning than I did this morning, I may not make it.

Now, time to go enjoy a fine film at gut-wrenching volume with my lovely bride.