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And a merry Christmas to you too!

And a merry Christmas to you too!

What? Not enough news bones to chew about how we’re doing in the fights that matter? Try this one on for size. Now we need to work on transitioning this publicity battle into the hardware sphere. We still have HDMI HDCP, firmware, TPM, and many other issues yet to overcome.

Update: A commenter below says that I mean HDCP and not HDMI. Mea culpa!


  1. troll

    What on earth can you have against HDMI? DVI has got too much bandwidth issues (it’s not enough for the most high resolution tft panels anymore, and has problems supporting high enough fps) and also the HDMI connectors are better designed. Perhaps you have entirely mixed HMDI and HDCP (the trusted path system they have standardized for DRM’d media)?

    I’m waiting for TPM as well. TPM can be used for very nice things even on Linux, protecting the hard encryption keys of users etc from security breaches. In fact Linux has had the best support for TPM and the good applications available for a while already. For some quite unjust reasons many people just seem to fail in making the distinction between the principles of the TPM and some twisted commercial implementations.

  2. Thank you for the corrections. I suppose with TPM, yes, my vision may be skewed by the fear that it might be used to “lock” free software out of hardware access. I would welcome news that this scenario is impossible, or at least improbable.

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