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Marketing talk, part deux.

Marketing talk, part deux.

Karsten already posted some information about a get-together we had with the fabulous Leigh Day on the final day of FUDCon. I wanted to add a little more raw content that I transcribed toward the end when Karsten, sadly, had to catch his plane back to sunny Cali:

Red Hat Summit Presence:

  • Fedora Lab + Summit content
  • Fedora Booth in expo space
  • Content in a.m., Hackfest in p.m.
  • “Fedora Achievements” during last day lunch — shows Summit attendees what we did THIS WEEK
  • SPACE will dictate logistics to some extent

“The Future, First.”

Now to get some more Summit notes up here; stay tuned. I’ll try and dial down the cuddliness, mmkay?

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