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Like the Charleston, only more frantic.

Like the Charleston, only more frantic.

It’s time for the release notes dance again — the time that comes but twice a year, give or take seven or eight times, when we ask community members, developers, and package maintainers to step up and inform the public about what you’re doing.

Fedora is all about innovation — and not just in the features, but in the way that we move information and keep the community informed. In Fedora, we don’t cobble things together in a back room and spring them on the world. Instead do all our development in the open where people can see, comment, participate — ANTICIPATE!

We’re not just building or integrating code, we’re building community. And that means showing people what we do, and how easy it is to get involved. Think your work sells itself? Think again. But you don’t have to do it alone — not in the FOSS world.

We have a space for release notes in every new feature page for upcoming Fedora 9 goodies. That space is for you ultrasuave developer types to tell everyone what’s great about your feature. Make us care! Make us brag! Make us drool!

The Docs team will take your writeup, edit and polish it to a high gloss, and make sure that the whole world is diggin’ on it with the Alpha release notes one-sheet. Eventually it will also make its way into the full-length Release Notes.

Let us help you show how you’re using Fedora as a platform to deliver The Future, First.