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Leaving the building, Two.

Leaving the building, Two.

Normally I’m really good at meeting deadlines by a good margin. However, with all the excitement going on ’round these here parts with leaving the old job and getting the house ready for sale, time has been short recently. Nevertheless, I got my conference talk submitted this morning for OSCON 2008. I may end up building this up at a couple other upcoming conferences in the meantime.

Any melancholia in the last post aside, I’m TOTALLY EXCITED about starting at Red Hat tomorrow. This morning I got the remainder of my forms for Human Capital filled out. I realized it has been a long time since I thought hard about benefits, and things like how much supplemental insurance to buy. I left a couple of these later-deadline items for orientation, since there will be people speaking about benefits there.

I’ll be driving down to Raleigh this afternoon, and from the time I leave until the time I get my new laptop (which is currently waiting in the sheltering arms of Mr. Nottingham) set up, I’ll be completely off the interwebz. You can leave me email but any IRC presence I have during this time is robotic.

I intend to use that time to read GTD, which I just (finally!) picked up yesterday. I could tell the story here about why it took me until now to get a hold of this book, but it would simply read EPIC FAIL. Thus my needing the book, get it?

Max told me the other night that he knew some engineers at Red Hat who got into some sort of “organize your life” routine, an initial stage of which is disappearing for a couple days while you Get Your S[tuff] Together. I don’t know if GTD has that feature; if so, I haven’t reached that chapter of the book yet. Anyway, these engineers apparently have reaped great rewards from whatever they did, and I hope to do the same. I’ve already been transitioning to some online tools that should give me what I need — based on what I’ve read of other people’s experiences — to make the system work for me. More on this later.

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