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FUDCon Survey

FUDCon Survey

After FUDCon F9, we set up a survey to collect information on why people did or didn’t attend, and what made them decide the way they did. Unfortunately, the idea to do this came up after the conference had closed, and there was very little time to get the survey out there before people’s impressions of the event faded.

The results are available here, but we have the ability to get different breakdowns of the data if any community member has a special interest. Send your requests to the fedora-advisory-board list and we’ll add them to the roster.

Note that we can’t change any of the questions, or for that matter “fix” the answers. I’m not naming any names, Mr. Kucinich.

See how this pointless political name-dropping cancels out my previous reference to a Republican presidential candidate? That just smacks of inclusiveness, doesn’t it? And nutmeg.