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No rest for the wicked, #17.

No rest for the wicked, #17.

Yesterday I eschewed my normal practice of waking up at high noon to be bathed and fed peeled grapes by adoring odalisques, and rose instead at the coral-tinged onset of dawn to hit the road once again in service to the Linux community. Not as a speaker today, mind, but to ferry Asterisk author extraordinaire and Fedora contributor Jared Smith to his oratory engagement at a Red Hat-hosted NoVaLUG TechSession.

Enough of the purple prose. Jared did a great job on his presentation, and I’m kind of jazzed to get an Asterisk setup on my laptop that I can tinker with. It’s really fun to see the true spirit of open source and I got to meet Shawn Wells, a Federal solutions architect who works with an old friend of mine from my previous life. We had a good time at lunch discussing our experiences as recent Red Hat immigrants, the excellent merits of the CentOS community enterprise distribution, the future of Red Hat High, and the overall rocking-ness of freeIPA, which should land in Fedora 9.

Today I actually managed to get some real sleep and need to make up for all the household things I didn’t get done yesterday. I’m going to take a break from email and IRC for a few hours and see what I can knock out.

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