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The Great White North.

The Great White North.

I was very pleased and excited to be able to give a Board “stamp of approval” over the weekend to the new Fedora EMEA group. It’s a collection of very dedicated and energetic Fedora Ambassadors working in concert in Europe to promote Fedora and expand our presence there. Max Spevack will be acting as a liaison to this group as part of his Community Architecture team duties.

The word “duties” makes it sound like it’s a lot of work to be saddled with, but I happen to know that Max is really excited about the opportunity, and he’s going to do a phenomenal job helping Fedora EMEA and the other contributors in the region realize their potential as a community.

After putting Eleya on a plane — or rather, sending her off to the plane — on Sunday following our house-hunting trip, I showed up, bags in hand, at spot’s house, where I’m staying for most of the week until I head back home Thursday night. This morning spot’s wife graciously drove me to the Keatings’ house, from which I walked with Jesse to catch the bus to Red Hat’s Westford office. (A relative heat wave in Boston today, with a 25 F morning and a high of 46 F.)

Once I found (and successfully operated) the coffee machine, I holed up and worked in a more or less spare cube. Its supposed owner is apparently very committed to either portability or an ultra-Spartan decor, since the cube contained a total flair consisting of a torn piece of paper, an old multisync monitor, and two small UPS units.

I caught up (mostly) with email and IRC logs for the portion of the day I didn’t spend on the phone or in meetings, but I also was able to spend some good quality time with my new manager this evening. Dinner with spot and his wife followed — sushi, yum! Then I retired like a hermit to finish some emails started before I left the office. Now it’s time to crash.